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General Terms & Conditions ​For Lessons

  • Payment of Fees All fees will be paid prior to the start of the term. 

  • Non-Refund Policy All payments made for Fees, including Registration, instruments and books are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable. 

  • Lessons All lessons will be completed by the end of the term.  Unused lessons will be forfeited without refund.  Lessons will not carry over to the next term.  

  • Teacher Your teacher will be assigned for the term.  The school reserves the right to change the teacher for any reason. 

  • Punctuality for Lessons The lesson will not be extended in the event that you arrive late.

  • Make-Up Lessons 

    • Each student is entitled to one make-up class per term. Group/Partner classes is not applicable for make-up. In lieu, student in Group/Partner class may attend the lesson via Zoom.

    • A minimum 24-hour notice is required to accommodate.A minimum 24-hour notification is required for absence. Lesson will be forfeited without notice unless with appropriate MC prior to the time of original lesson.

    • Make-up lesson request has to be submitted and scheduled in the same term or the lesson will be forfeited.

    • Missed make-up lesson will be forfeited and not be rescheduled.

    • For absence due to travel, the student may opt for lesson via Zoom at the original time of the lesson. Alternatively, maximum of two “travel make-up” per term is applicable with travel documents.

  • Lesson Cancelled by Studio In the event that the assigned teacher is unable to take a lesson due to illness or emergency, a replacement lesson will be arranged for this canceled lesson within the term. The lesson may be assigned to your primary teacher or another teacher in the team. 

  • Termination of Lessons A completed Withdrawal Form is to be submitted to the School at least 4 lessons in advance. Deposit will be forfeited in the absence of this notification of withdrawal.Students absent for 2 or more weeks without notification will be considered as having withdrawn from the class and the deposit will be forfeited.Your deposit will be refunded after the notice period, subject to deductions in the event of any outstanding payments due to the School. 

  • Security Students will be picked up punctually after lessons. 

  • Indemnity The School will not assume any responsibility or liability for any loss of property or personal injuries that occur within its premises. I agree to indemnify Wolfgang Music Pte Ltd, the School’s management, members, and staff against all losses, liabilities, claims, actions, penalties, orders, and costs howsoever arising in connection with these terms and conditions.

  • Photography or video Any such materials taken within the School’s premises require authorisation. These can only be used for personal purposes and not for commercial purposes.Wolfgang Violin Studio reserves the right to use your child's picture on our social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) as promotional material given the parent has signed the Photo and Video Release Consent Form. 

  • Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) You permit Wolfgang Music Pte Ltd (“School”) to collect, use and disclose the personal data provided in this Enrolment Form or obtained by the School as a result of the student’s enrolment (“Personal Data”) for the purposes of the administration and conduct of classes, fee notification, and scheduling of lessons, concerts and other events organised by the School and any other purposes as notified by the School. You understand and agree that such personal data will not be sold to a third party for profit. Any photos and audio or video recordings made by the school will be permitted by you to be published on social media, including website, production, and branding.


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