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Students and Min Lee in Singapore

About Us

Founded by Program Director Min Lee in 2009, Wolfgang Violin is named as a tribute to the world's most iconic and revered violin prodigy, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Conceived with the aim of redefining how classical music is taught to young minds, the lessons are specially designed to provide students with a holistic music education, including qualifying them for the Singapore's DSA.

Our Vision
To gift a foundation of Music to every child, so as to spark creativity, imagination and confident expression on the instrument of their choice.

Our Mission  

To instill technique and inspire the musicality of every child, through precocious and purposeful violin, viola, cello and piano programs that will transform musical potential to expressive artistry.

Min Lee

Founder &

Program Director

Min made her debut with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra at the age of 12,  the start of a musical journey,  described as "Singapore’s poster girl of classical music" (The Economist).

Since her first notes on the violin at the age of 2, violin luminaries such as Ruggiero Ricci have called her performances “more than remarkable...unbelievable."
At 14, Min was admitted to Yale University taught by  Erick Friedman, himself the protege of the legendary violinist Jascha Heifetz. 

Min has performed with orchestras including the Russian National with Sergei, Philharmonia Orchestra with Vladimir Ashkenazy, NHK with Charles Dutoit.

Min Lee

Our Programs

The Wolfgang Violin Program is anchored as the first step for students in their journey in musical education. An original curriculum designed to instil technique and nurture musicality, the lessons (violin, cello and piano) are structured to vivify the colourful facets of classical music to pique the interest of young learners. At Wolfgang Violin Studio in Singapore, the approach is to always keep lessons interactive and creative, with the aim of inspiring the young ones to stay in love with the romance of classical music.

Across all classes offered, students will be mentored by a dedicated team of full-time teachers, each experienced in the field of classical music. Lessons to dive into include violin, cello and piano classes, each categorised into different age and skill groups.

As a quality music school in Singapore, we also provide our music students with the platform to perform, through our Strings Social concerts and opportunity to collaborate with other young musicians, through the Strings Mastery Holiday Camp

Einstein playing violin at Wolfgang Studio
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