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  • Terms & Conditions:
    1. Piano package is mandatory for all those who are registering via Wolfgang for the Violin/Viola/Cello examinations.
        a. For those taking the Piano examinations, Piano package will not be required.
        b. There are strictly no make-ups for Piano Accompaniment sessions.
    2. As per Board rules, please note that all Fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.
    3. Physical examinations cannot be postponed for any reason other than medical, with medical certification submitted to the Board and accepted by the Board.
        a. Digital examinations submission dateline cannot be postponed.
    4. For recording of Examinations, it is to be done by Professional Audio/ Video Engineer
        a. Submission of Recordings and supporting documents (if any) is the responsibility of the Candidate.
    5. In the event either party is unable to perform its obligations under the terms of this Agreement because of acts of God, strikes, acts of government, plagues, epidemics or other causes reasonably beyond its control, such party shall not be liable for damages to the other for any damages resulting from such failure to perform or otherwise from such causes.

    6. We require all students to commit to the timeslots selected, and upon agreement of our T&Cs, there will be no refunds should you decide to withdraw from the exam.
    7. Actual time allocated for piano accompaniment will be decided by the number of students in the class.


+65 6732 0138 (Centrepoint)


+65 9835 8152 (Centrepoint)


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