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Direct School Admissions

Wolfgang Violin Studio is proud of our students who have successfully gained admission through the Direct School Admissions (DSA) exercise for Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass. 

The schools they have been admitted to include Nanyang Girls' High School, Raffles Girls' School, Methodist Girls' School, Singapore Chinese Girls' School and School of the Arts (SOTA). Come have a chat with us on preparing for DSA and how we can help further develop your child's interest in music.


Megan Tan Jia Hui (Viola)

Choden Ngawang (Double Bass)

Adriel Tan (Violin)

Ethel Liew (Violin)

Mira Chin (Violin)

Trudy Chen (Violin)

Pearl Ng (Viola)

Joyce Chessa Goh (Double Bass) 

Raffles Girls' School

Methodist Girls' School

Singapore Chinese Girls' School

School of the Arts (SOTA)

Tanjong Katong Girls' School


Alayna Lee (Violin)

Lareina Lim (Viola)

Singapore Chinese Girls' School

National Junior College Junior High

St. Margaret's Secondary School

School of the Arts (SOTA)

Chinatsu Chung (Violin)

Hannah Pang (Violin)

Janelle Leng (Viola)

Elliott Chan (Viola)

Methodist Girls' School


Yan Yu Tong (Cello)

Samuel Tan (Violin)

Singapore Chinese Girls' School

Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)


St. Margaret's Secondary School

Singapore Chinese Girls' School

Ashley Chin (Viola)

Jade Leng (Violin)


Raeanne Koh (Violin)

Nanyang Girls' High School


Celestine Tan (Violin)
Anne Thong (Violin)

St. Margaret's Secondary School

Singapore Chinese Girls' School


Elizabeth Loh (Violin)
Lai Jing Ying (Cello)
Raychie Kuok (Violin)
Audrey Awyeong (Cello)

School of the Arts (SOTA)

St. Margaret's Secondary School

Singapore Chinese Girls' School


Vanya Heng (Violin)

Methodist Girls' School

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What They Say?


"I am so fortunate to DSA to a stellar institution like SCGS. Here, my musical flair has multitudes of opportunities to showcase my musical skills on external platforms. This is a testament to the holistic education the school offers,allowing music to act as a social leveller and providing equal opportunities for all."


"I’m glad that the hours I spent practicing was recognisedand that it helped me get into my dream school :)"


"My best decision made, enrolling her at WVS whenshe was just 3 years old! Thanks!"
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