Ready, Get set, Play!

Pre-twinkle is a sequential curriculum that maximises the young child’s musical and learning impulses - listening, singing, echo clapping with movements and relating them to musical notations.

This foundation in musical response goes hand-in-hand with getting little hands ready for learning

an instrument. 

Once set, your child will then be introduced to the violin. From the postures of violin hold to the bow hold, the discovery of violin will be made fun, whether it is to stand like statues or to march to Beethoven. 

This is a parent accompanied class with parent participation. 

From 2.9 years old 
Class duration: 45-minutes once a week
Optional purchase: Violin starter kit 1/16 size or 1/10 size with shoulder rest


Listen! Sing! Clap! Play! 

Twinkle sets the child on the violin and at the end of this program, your child will be twinkling with

good violin postures, and ready to progress to Kinderviolin.

Cherished songs and familiar classical masterpieces reinforce tonal and rhythmic patterns. 

The program believes that the child’s first lessons are the most important - A healthy foundation means everything!

From 2.9 years old
Class size: 2 – 3 students per teacher
Class duration: 45-minutes once a week 
Course materials: Violin starter kit, Twinkle Book

Kinderviolin & Kindercello

Nurturing the classical wunderkind!

Tailored for young children age 4 and up, the Kinderviolin and Kindercello programmes is all about strong technical foundation. Structured to prepare the child towards Grade 1 competence, your child will be playing it right, and fiddling with utmost enjoyment by the end of the year!

Class size: 2 – 3 students per class
Class duration: 45-minutes once a week
Course materials: Violin starter kit, Kinderviolin Book 1 & 2

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