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What They Say?


Anne Thong

I am so fortunate to DSA to a stellar institution like SCGS. Here, my musical flair has multitudes of opportunities to showcase my musical skills on external platforms. 
This is a testament to the holistic education the school offers,
allowing music to act as a social leveller and providing equal opportunities for all.

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Chinatsu Chung

I’m glad that the hours I spent practicing was recognised
and that it helped me get into my dream school :)


Mira Chin

My best decision made, enrolling her at WVS when
she was just 3 years old! Thanks!

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Adriel Tan

I am thankful and grateful that Wolfgang has helped to
nurture my talent - so that I can further pursue music in the secondary school of my choice. I am glad that I got successfully selected via DSA. 
As part of the school strings ensemble member, I have learnt many different skills from the rest of the members :)

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I was encouraged to try out the cello when I went for a trial violin class. I was hooked as soon as I tried it. My teacher Aris is always kind and patient with me and I really look forward to jamming with him when I have learnt a piece well.

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It has been a privilege and an enriching journey to be playing notes and crafting music. There is so much to learn and discover from four beautiful strings!

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