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From ages 2.9 years old


The Pre-Twinkle curriculum follows the sequential theory of how children learn a language – listening, singing, clapping, tapping and movements. A foundation in musical response goes hand in hand with getting little hands ready for learning an instrument.  Your child will then be introduced to the violin.  From the postures of violin hold to bow hold, the instrument will be introduced with fun, whether it is to stand like statues with the violin or to march with the violin and the bow. 

This is a parent accompanied class. 

Class duration: 45-minutes once a week
Optional purchase: Violin outfit 1/16 size or 1/10 size with shoulder rest $180

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From ages 3 years old


Sing! Clap! Play!

Twinkle sets the child on the violin and at the end of this program, your child will be twinkling with good violin postures, and ready to progress on to Kinderviolin.

Well loved folk songs and familiar classical masterpieces reinforce tonal and rhythmic patterns.

The program believes that the child’s first lessons are the most important.
The healthy foundation means everything!

Class size: 2 – 3 students per teacher
Class duration: 45-minutes once a week 

Course materials: Violin starter kit, Twinkle Book

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Kinderviolin Violin/Cello

From ages 4.5 years old


Kinderviolin and Kindercello

Kinderviolin follows Wolfgang Violin Studio’s signature program “Prelude” but tailored for young children. It is a progressive curriculum that lays a strong emphasis on developing a solid technical foundation so that they can enjoy playing the violin.

The Kinderviolin curriculum prepares the child towards Grade 1 competence (ABRSM or Trinity Guildhall) by the end of one year.

Kindercello lessons are also available for kids from ages 4 yrs and up

Class size: 2 – 3 students per class
Class duration: 45-minutes once a week

Course materials: Violin starter kit, Kinderviolin Book 1 & 2

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From ages 6 years old


Prelude (Violin and Cello)

Prelude is Wolfgang Violin Studio’s signature program, designed to build a solid technical foundation that will enhance the ability to enjoy music making.  Prelude is a progressive course over 5 terms (10 weeks each) leading students towards Violin/Cello Grade 1 competence (ABRSM or Trinity Guildhall) within a year. 

- Progression is guided by a carefully planned curriculum that includes    
a delightful repertoire of familiar songs from folk tunes to classical repertoire that
will guide their musical development and music literacy

- A systematic presentation of tonal and rhythmic patterns from the start

- Playful finger gymnastics and reduced etudes important to build their physical readiness for violin skills 

We also have a special violin and Cello program for adult students who may or may not have previous music experience.  You’re never too young or too old to start enjoying the benefits of learning an instrument!

Class size: Maximum 2 – 3 students per class
Class duration: 45-minutes to 1 hour per class
* Private lessons are available

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Young Talents


At WVS, we believe that the talented child deserves the opportunity to be nurtured to the best ability at the right age.

Min Lee was a child prodigy who started playing the violin at age 2, gave her first performance at 5, and entered Yale University for the Masters of Music Program at 14. With her experiences, she now directs the WVS Trailblazer Program, a strong partnership between the talented child, the supportive parent and the teaching team.

The Wolfgang Trailblazer Program identifies and nurtures young talents from 5 years old.

Young talents are given opportunities to perform in events, concerts, and competitions. The program is directed by Min Lee and Annie Lee.

Requirements: Admission by audition only.  

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Cello & Piano Classes

From ages 5 years old


Cello lessons for everyone from ages 5 years to adults. With the same focus on technical skills and musicality as our violin program, our cello syllabus covers beginners to advanced students.   

  -  Foundation for Beginners
     (The initial "set up" period between 3 months to a year depending on age)
  -  Expanding technique and repertoire for Intermediate and Advanced students
  -  Stage experience with opportunities to perform
  -  Preparation for examinations (ABRSM or Trinity Guildhall)
  -  Sight-reading skills, Aural, Music Knowledge) 
  -  Music appreciation for kids to adults
  -  Small chamber groups for an ensemble playing experience

Piano lessons for everyone from ages 4 years and above. We also offer group and individual piano lessons for higher grades

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Musicianship & Theory

From ages 6 years old


Musicianship | THEORY, Ear Training and Singing

Music Literacy Theory 1 class is a beginning course in the fundamentals of music for children age 6 and up. The course is designed to develop a basic understanding of the music elements and structures in music as well as enhance listening skills. Each lesson is 1 hour long and includes various activities such as singing, work sheets and interactive guides.

We also offer group theory lessons for higher grades.  

We also offer group theory lessons for higher grades, please call us to enquire about course fees.

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String Orchestra


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Open auditions for:

Young Maestros Orchestra - a Training ensemble
Young Artistes Orchestra - elite performing orchestra

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